At Sherwood School District, we believe in the importance of communication. Our Key Communicator group was created to assist in ensuring the lines of communication are open between the school district and our community — and that the process is a two-way partnership.

Who can become a Key Communicator?
A Key Communicator can be any community member who is interested in advocating quality public education throughout our community. Key Communicators can be parents, grandparents, local business people, community leaders, and anyone else interested in the schools. Through their influence, networking, and willingness to share ideas, Key Communicators will help shape our future.

What are the Key Communicators’ responsibilities?
Key Communicators make a very minimal time commitment, receiving regular messages from the Superintendent and sharing facts with their neighbors, friends and colleagues.

It is our hope that Key Communicators will:

  • Be Informed — Key Communicators receive regular email correspondence that will include factual, key happenings within our school district.
  • Serve as an Advocate — A Key Communicator may act as an unofficial spokesperson for public education. They should feel confident sharing facts with others they come in to contact with who may find it beneficial to learn about happenings in our District.
  • Provide Feedback — Key Communicators will provide feedback and input on activities and issues facing the school district. They will also relay to the District any questions, concerns or rumors heard from the public so that we may be proactive in our response.

Our “no spam” policy means that we work hard to limit the communications with our Key Communicators to critical information or district-level happenings. Members can request removal from the mailing list at any time.

How can I become a Key Communicator?
If you would like to be a Key Communicator or want to recommend someone else to be invited, please send an email to Christine Andregg at