City of Sherwood

Sherwood is a rapidly growing city in Washington County. Sherwood was ranked in the Top 10 Best Cities for Families in June 2009 by Family Circle Magazine, as the 18th best place to live in 2007 by Money Magazine and most recently, as the 5th best place to live, again by Money Magazine in 2013.

Washington County

Washington County is one of three Oregon counties making up the Greater Portland Metropolitan area. The county covers 725 sq. mi. with a population of 582,779 and is known for its moderate weather.

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2019-20 Demographics


  • Square Miles – 4.5
  • Estimated population – 19,294

School Enrollments

  • Sherwood School District Total- 5,053
    • Archer Glen Elementary – 535
    • Edy Ridge Elementary – 588
    • Hopkins Elementary – 478
    • Middleton Elementary – 544
    • Laurel Ridge Middle School – 537
    • Sherwood Middle School – 740
    • Sherwood High School – 1,631
  • Sherwood Charter School- 217

Publications and Reports

On October 6, State Schools Superintendent Susan Castillo released the report card ratings for Oregon’s K-12 public schools. The annual report cards provide parents and community members with a comprehensive overview of each school’s performance in the areas of academic achievement, attendance or graduation, and participation, along with key school statistics and an overall rating. 
We are excited to report that all eight of the Sherwood Schools (including the charter school) are rated as outstanding! This means that our students are achieving at high levels, they continue to improve in many areas, and our focus on individual student growth over the past year has helped to increase student achievement. The state report card, unlike the AYP report, gives schools credit when students show a significant amount of growth, even if the student still does not quite meet grade level benchmarks.  Many of our schools saw a significant rise in the number of students that showed significant growth and met their growth targets.

In her update, State Superintendent Castillo noted that the School and District Report Cards represent the main state-developed accountability system in Oregon, incorporating features not offered in federal systems, including the ability to track individual student growth and learning.  Student learning and growth are key to a successful education system, and as Oregon moves forward with a federal No Child Left Behind waiver proposal, the Oregon School Report Card will provide a strong starting point for that work.