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Press Release: ODE Releases Grad Rates


Oregon Department of Education releases statewide graduation rates
Sherwood School District among the top of the state

The Oregon Department of Education (ODE) released data for graduation rates across the state.  Once again, Sherwood was among the highest in the state with an official four-year graduation rate of 89.8% for the class of 2015-16.  Sherwood’s five-year graduation rate for the class of 2014-15 was 95.17%, also among the top in the state.

Although 89.8% is a four-year graduation rate to be proud of, the actual graduation rate is nearly 94%.  A clerical error by District staff allowed 17 students to be incorrectly identified as dropouts in ODE’s official graduation rate calculation.  Of these 17 students, 11 transferred to high schools in other states, and six were foreign exchange students who returned home.  The District plans to immediately implement procedures designed to prevent similar technical and clerical errors in the future.

Sherwood School District is extremely proud of the work of the high school team.  Their tireless efforts led to 93.99% of students earning a high school diploma in four years.  Only 22 students in the class of 2015-16 did not earn a regular high school diploma in four years.  Of those 22 students, 17 either earned a GED or alternative certificate (which do not count as graduates in this calculation) or have returned this year to earn their diploma.  

“We are thrilled at our continued progress in improving graduation rates.  Our teachers and staff, from Kindergarten through high school, should feel a great a sense of pride.  Their tireless efforts are noticed and appreciated,” said Assistant Superintendent Gary Bennett.