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New! District Newsletter: June 2017


Link to current issue:  District Newsletter – June 2017

District updates from Superintendent Heather Cordie to stakeholders, including parents, staff and community members, have traditionally been written as a narrative and distributed from the Superintendent’s Office in various formats such as emails or as part of weekly newsletters from schools.  Last year, the District launched a new format for broad communications, that of a District Newsletter.  The newsletter’s first edition was published and distributed in November 2015.

Released monthly, and designed to include District-wide information and interest pieces about students and staff of Sherwood Schools, our hope is that this communication will be your “go-to” source for the latest District information.  All newsletters will be distributed directly to Key Communicator subscribers and Sherwood School District staff as a link in an email.  For all other interested readers, the link to the current issue will be included in weekly emails sent to parents from school principals.  Current and past issues will also be available on the Sherwood School District web site