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Oregon Department of Education releases statewide graduation rates — Sherwood High School among the highest in the state


The Oregon Department of Education (ODE) released graduation rate data for all high schools across the state. Sherwood High School ranks among the top in the state with 95.48% of its students graduating within four years of starting high school. This is an increase of about 3 percentage points from previous years and a jump of 6 percentage points from last year. Additionally, the five year graduation rate for Sherwood High School is 96.69%, an increase of 1.5 percentage points from last year.

Graduation rates improved in nearly all student groups, including gains of 8 percentage points for students who are economically disadvantaged and 4 percentage points for students of underserved races and ethnicities. Additionally, the “combined disadvantaged” student group, which includes all groups who have traditionally exhibited lower rates of graduation, showed a graduation rate of 89.39%, an increase of nearly 7 percentage points from last year.

Many factors are credited with this success, some of which occur throughout the K-12 system and others that are specifically designed to support students as they enter and progress through high school. Increasing investments in Career Technical Education (CTE) and freshman transition have been of a particular focus, as well as continued consideration for increasing access to educational opportunities for students from underprivileged backgrounds. Most importantly, the Sherwood School District and Sherwood High School understand that student success is built on strong relationships between students and staff and have been working intentionally to build those relationships with all students.

“The staff at Sherwood High School remains committed to each and every student having an adult that they know cares about them. These strong relationships are the foundation to the success of our students,” said Sherwood High School Principal Ken Bell.  

For more information, contact the Assistant Superintendent’s Office at 503-825-5011.