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Viral Internet Hoax


Dear students, parents, guardians, and staff,

We have received numerous reports from concerned
students, parents and community members regarding a possible threat. Here is
what we have learned after an investigation in collaboration with Sherwood

There is a viral post spreading across social
media of a screenshot by a person named “Ray Andres” indicating that there is
going to be a school shooting at “SHS” today.  This is a nationwide post
that law enforcement officials believe originated in the state of Ohio, but has
since spread fear into every school in America with the acronym “SHS”,
including our own.

There is NO CREDIBLE THREAT to any of our
schools here in Sherwood. We applaud our young people who brought this to the
attention of adults and law enforcement agents. As a precaution, we will have
our School Resource Officer at the high school today and Sherwood PD will have
on duty officers driving through and around the high school campus. We are
grateful to our local law enforcement agents who investigate threats fully and
work hard to keep our kids safe.  Thank you for trusting us with your
children, but also helping us end this awful rumor.