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Emergency Communications Update


Earlier today, Sherwood Police Department ordered a lockout for Sherwood High School, Archer Glen Elementary, Sherwood Charter School, and the District Office due to police activity occurring in the area.  The lockout has since been lifted, allowing school dismissal and bus transportation to resume as scheduled. During this event, Sherwood Police Department and District administrators maintained regular communication to maximize student and staff safety.

Lockouts are put in place by schools when there is a dangerous situation outside of the school buildings.  All exterior doors are secured and students and staff are to remain in the building until the lockout is cleared by police and/or district staff.  Sherwood Schools regularly conduct drills for situations like this.

As per our emergency communication protocol, information about the situation was relayed through the Sherwood School District Flash Alert system.  For more information about signing up for the Flash Alert system, as well as other emergency communication protocol, please visit our website here.  Please note that Flash Alert subscriptions must be updated annually.