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Press Release – Oregon Department of Education Releases Statewide Graduation Rates


Graduation rates for Oregon high schools were released this morning, and once again, Sherwood High School (SHS) has risen to the top.  The class of 2018 graduated at a rate of 97.42%, ranking fourth in the state for schools with more than 100 seniors.  What might be even more impressive is the overall district graduation rate of  96.92%, which ranks number one in the state for districts with more than 100 seniors.  The district graduation rate includes all students who attend SHS, but also includes students placed in alternative settings.  

Graduation rates improved in nearly all student groups, including a gain of 6 percentage points  for students who are economically disadvantaged, following an 8% gain last year.  Over 95% of economically disadvantaged students graduated in four years.  100% of students from underserved races and ethnicities graduated on time, a 7% increase from last year, and students with disabilities rate of graduation increased by 10% to 81.40%.  Additionally, the “combined disadvantaged” student group, which includes all groups who have traditionally exhibited lower rates of graduation, showed a graduation rate of 92.86%, an increase of over 3% from last year, and a total increase of over 10% during the past two years.  The first goal on the District’s Strategic Plan is to “Eliminate Predictable Disparities in Achievement,”  and focus on that goal is paying dividends for Sherwood students. 

Sherwood High School principal, Ken Bell, attributes this success to a supportive community and the entire Sherwood School District staff.  “While the committed staff at Sherwood High School deserves credit for these results, students enter high school ready for the challenge.  Our students benefit from all of the hard work of the staff that served them in the younger grades, as well as from the commitment our students and families make to their education.  Outcomes like this only happen with a team effort,” Bell said.  

This notion of team effort in grades K-12 is supported by data in the school report cards that were released by the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) earlier this school year.  Sherwood schools achieved significantly above the state average in every subject and grade level tested.  Perhaps more impressive than the level of achievement is the growth demonstrated by Sherwood students.  In addition to achievement, the ODE also reports on student growth by comparing individual students to academic peers with similar levels of achievement.  Sherwood schools showed growth at or above the state average on every growth indicator in grades K-8, in both English Language Arts and Mathematics.  To look at school report cards, click here.

Superintendent Dr. Heather Cordie noted, “We are very proud of the work all staff members do to support Sherwood students, and we are excited to continue our focused efforts around equity and breaking down barriers for all students.  Furthermore, we continue to be grateful to the Sherwood community for their ongoing support.  The passage of the capital improvement bond in 2016 has afforded us the opportunity to significantly upgrade and update our curriculum and instructional technology.  We believe these results are indicators of the efforts of our committed staff and generous support of the Sherwood community.”