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Reminder: Registration Now Open for the Sherwood Cloud Campus!


Registration is now open for the Sherwood Cloud Campus! Based on feedback from our stakeholders, the deadline for registration has been extended to Friday, August 21st. To register your student(s) for the Sherwood Cloud Campus, please click the link below:

Sherwood Cloud Campus Registration Form

For additional information, please see our Frequently Asked Questions below:

What is the difference between Sherwood Cloud Campus and the CDL/Hybrid Model? 

The instruction and curriculum for both the Sherwood Cloud Campus (SCC) and the Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL)/Hybrid Model will be the same. The only difference is that students registering for the SCC will opt to stay in online instruction throughout one or more grading periods, even when the state metrics allow our district to transition students in the CDL/Hybrid Model back to the building for in-person instruction. 

Comparison of Instructional Models: 

At the elementary level, if my child enrolls in the SCC, will they have a teacher from their home school?

The current plan is for the SCC classes to include students at each grade level from all four elementary schools (pending registration numbers). There will be one teacher per class, and that teacher may or may not be from your child’s home school.  

As there is only one middle school and one high school, all SCC courses at the secondary level will be taught by staff from the student’s home school.

Can my child transition to the CDL/Hybrid Model from the SCC if our family needs to make a change, and what will this look like for my student?

Pending physical capacity at the school building — based on state guidelines to allow for 35 square feet per person in each learning space and six (6) feet of space between students to allow for social distancing — yes! However, we will ask that parents wait to transition students until the end of grading periods. 

At the elementary level, if students change to the CDL/Hybrid Model they will be placed in a new class within their home school, as their current SCC teacher and peers will be remaining online.  At the secondary level, students in the SCC will be in classes with students enrolled in the CDL/Hybrid Model; therefore, they will not change teachers or classes.

Can my child transition to the SCC from the CDL/Hybrid Model if our family needs to make a change, and what will this look like for my student?

Yes! If a family decides that they are no longer comfortable with the idea of returning to in-person school (once metrics are attained) and would like to commit to online instruction through the SCC for the remainder of the year, they are more than welcome to transition to that model. We will again ask that families wait until the end of the grading period to make a change.  

At the elementary level, students will join a new teacher and peer cohort of students who are only receiving online instruction.  Secondary students will remain the same classes, but will participate in the course remotely.

Why aren’t the Sherwood Schools using a pre-purchased curriculum for online instruction?

We truly believe that the curriculum we have previously adopted, which involved the input of teachers, administrators, our community, and the Board of Directors, will be much better suited for our students, and will better support their transition back to in-person instruction when that option is available. Our teachers are experts in our curriculum, and we are providing them with all of the updated online resources to transfer our current instructional programs to the online setting. Additionally, pre-purchased curricula often use an algorithm (a method by which a computer program, as opposed to a teacher, makes decisions about what students learn next) that can create great disparities between students and their instruction. Under the Oregon Department of Education’s (ODE) guidance, teachers are still required to provide live teacher-led instruction, no matter the curriculum used, and we know that our outstanding teachers are better equipped to support these live online hours with our current curriculum, versus trying to support live online instruction with a pre-purchased curriculum they have never used.

In addition, pre-purchased curriculums do not necessarily align well with the lessons and instructional methods used by our teachers.  Our experience has been that students who take courses through virtual options that differ from Sherwood’s adopted curriculum and instruction struggle to reintegrate back into our classrooms once they return.  We are considering the long-term impacts and seeking a smooth transition for all students back into our classrooms when the pandemic comes to a conclusion.

Why is there such a quick deadline for the SCC registration? 

The answer to this directly relates to the above question. In order to adequately plan for how many students we will be able to safely have on campus in a Hybrid (in-person) Model, we first need an accurate count of the number of students who are planning to return to school in person (once it is safe to do so). We know that many parents are not planning to have their students return to in-person school at all this year, and once we have collected accurate numbers for those planning to participate in the SCC, we can adequately plan classroom spaces and finalize plans for the days of instruction we will be able to offer in our Hybrid (in-person) Model. 

Will there be live (synchronous) instruction in the SCC?

Yes.  In both the CDL and SCC there will be live (synchronous) instruction every day, led by Sherwood School District teachers and including interactions with fellow students.