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Updated Outdoor Athletics Guidance and Home Football Games


Today we have received news that the spectator guidance for outdoor athletic events has been adjusted by the Oregon Health Authority — our teams have been working around the clock to prepare for this anticipated adjustment, and we are excited to share the details with you!  This updated guidance information will allow us to expand access at all of our athletic events for spectators and participants, beginning with this week’s home football game on Friday evening, March 12.  This afternoon, the high school communicated with families about the process for registering for attendance at athletics events. Each student athlete/participant will be allowed two spectators per event. Please refer to SHS communications to sign up as a spectator at your student’s athletic event. 

We know there have been many questions in our community this week related to the home football games, so we wanted to share the specific plan with you of how this new guidance will be implemented at home football games (including the addition of cheer, band, and dance participants).  

Please see the details below for more information. 

Sherwood High School Plan for Home Varsity Football Games

Sherwood School District has developed the following plan for allowing spectators, band, dance, and cheer to home football games.  Each group has their own entrance, exit, and bathrooms.  Each group is separated by physical barriers that do not allow groups to intermix. The entry of each group will also be staggered to avoid any intermixing. Mask protocols and social distancing guidelines will be enforced, and hand sanitizer will be readily available.  For a reference of each group’s section within the stadium, please click here for a stadium map. 

Players/Officials/Event Personnel (limit of 150)

Home and Visiting players/coaches will enter the stadium one hour prior to the game time. Officials and other event personnel will be admitted as they arrive through the North entrance behind the visitor bleachers. Two portable toilets are located next to the visitor bleachers and are for the use of this group only.   

Spectators (limit of 150)

Each football player and cheerleader will be given two tickets for their family to attend the event.  Spectators will enter/exit at the East end of the stadium and will have access to the permanent restrooms and the main grandstand. This group will be allowed to enter 30 minutes prior to game time.  At no point before, during, or after are parents allowed to enter the playing area or go inside the fence surrounding the track. 

Cheer/Dance (limit of 150)

Cheerleaders will enter/exit the stadium from the West end of the stadium by the ticketbooth. Cheer will set up and operate out of the SW corner of the track.  There will be one portable toilet for use by only this group. This group will be allowed to enter 45 minutes prior to game time.  

Band/Coaches/Band Parents/Dance (limit of 150)

The band, their coaches and parents will enter/exit at the gate in the NW corner of the stadium above the terraces.  Each band member will be allowed two tickets for family.  The band will set up and play from the terraces.  There will also be a seating area for parents on the terraces.  This group will use the bathrooms inside the building nearest the Commons entrance, directly above the terraces.  This group will be allowed to enter 30 minutes prior to game time.  When the band is not present, dance will occupy this area and entrance/exit.  When the band is present, dance will combine with cheer in their area.  

Entry Schedule

  • 60 min. prior–Players/Coaches/Event Personnel enter
  • 45 min. prior–Cheer/Coaches enter from West ticket booth
  • 30 min. prior–Band/Coaches/Parents enter from NW Corner
  • 30 min. prior–Spectators enter from East end of stadium