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Press Release — January 21, 2022


Oregon Department of Education Releases Statewide Graduation Rates

Graduation rates for Oregon high schools were released yesterday, and once again, Sherwood High School (SHS) is well above the state average. The class of 2021 graduated at a rate of 96.95%, compared to the state average of 80.63%. The District’s graduation rate includes all students who attend SHS, as well as those students placed in alternative settings.

Interim Principal of SHS Adam Mitchell observed, “Sherwood School District and Sherwood High School have been firmly committed to ensuring that all students graduate on time and to eliminating any predictable disparities, and even more in the challenging times over this past school year. Our outstanding graduation rate is a strong testament to the extreme resilience of our students, our families, our staff, and the entire Sherwood community. The focus on relationships and collaboration between all of our stakeholders has made an amazingly positive difference for our students. We will continue to focus on these relationships, offering a wide variety of academic courses and co-curricular activities, and furthering our early intervention system to enable our students to be prepared for success beyond graduation.” 

Superintendent Dr. Heather Cordie added, “The resilience of our class of 2021 cannot be understated, particularly when you consider that these students spent the majority of their senior year participating in distance learning, as well as transitioning back to in-person instruction during their final months of school. Despite the disruptions and obstacles faced by these students during their senior year, Sherwood High School’s graduation rate demonstrates only a 0.59% decrease from 2019, the last class to graduate pre-pandemic. In addition to reflecting the hard work of our students and the support of their families, this accomplishment is also shared by the dedicated teachers and staff of SHS, who went above and beyond in their commitment to the achievement of their students.”