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Budget Committee Meeting – May 23, 2024


The SSD Budget Committee will meet on Wednesday, May 23, 2024 starting at 6:00pm, for the purpose of reviewing and approving the 2024-25 proposed district budget. The agenda for this meeting can be found here.

Public testimony on the topic of the 2024-25 proposed budget can be provided via in-person attendance or via online submission, up to three minutes in length. For in-person public testimony, sign up is required and must be completed by 15 minutes prior to the meeting start time. Please arrive at the District Office Board Room no later than 5:45 pm to sign up for in-person public testimony.

To electronically submit public testimony on the topic of the 2024-25 budget, please complete the attached form.  Public testimony will be accepted until 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, May 23, 2024.  All public testimony submitted in advance will be read aloud by the Board Secretary, up to three minutes in length per comment.  

The purpose of public testimony is for members of our Budget Committee to hear public concerns, comments, and opinions.  Budget Committee members will not respond to submitted testimony.

In the event that additional meetings are required to complete approval of the proposed budget, the following dates/times have been identified:

  • May 29, 6:00pm – Budget Committee Meeting #2 (if needed)
  • May 30, 6:00pm – Budget Committee Meeting #3 (if needed)

The SSD Board of Directors will hold a public hearing to adopt the 2024-25 proposed budget on June 5, 2024.