School Nutrition Requirements

All Sherwood School District menus meet the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act standards established in 2010. Our menus are analyzed weekly to ensure that meals are within the standardized age-appropriate calorie levels while limiting sodium and unhealthy fats. For more information and resources about school meal program standards, please visit the Oregon Department of Education’s “School Nutrition Programs” webpage at the link below.

Supporting Healthy, Well-Nourished Students

All Sherwood students have access to colorful salad bars that feature a variety of fruits and vegetables that rotate both daily, and seasonally. The Nutrition Program purposefully fosters student choice by providing students with the opportunity to select the fruits, vegetables and condiments that will customize their meal to reflect their flavor preferences. We proudly provide students with unlimited access to fruits and vegetables to accompany their meal. At minimum, students are encouraged to select at least one ½ cup of fruits and/or vegetables of their choice to accompany their meal. 

photo of school salad bar

Our menus are crafted seasonally with care and attention to student preferences and feedback. Entrée choices range from popular American-style comfort foods to emerging global-inspired fan favorites and more! The cafeteria is an extension of the classroom and we strive to provide diverse opportunities for our students to experience new flavors and cuisines as they share meals together each school day. 

 Farm to School Program

Sherwood School District proudly participates in Oregon’s Farm to Child Nutrition Grant program. This grant allows our district to invest federal funds into our local small business economy while connecting students with local products. 

photo of tomatoes

Our Partners:

  • Our Table Cooperative (Sherwood, OR): Provides certified-organic produce such as strawberries, Italian plums, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, and more!
  • Viall Family Farms (Hillsboro, OR): Provides seedless Jupiter grapes.
  • Tillamook County Creamery (Tillamook, OR): Provides cheddar cheese for sandwiches, salads, burritos and tacos. 
  • Goodyman Bakery (Portland, OR) : Provides whole-grain rich tortillas, English muffins, and more!
photo of strawberries

We would love to partner with you! Please reach out to our Nutrition Department at 503-825-5009 if you are interested in becoming a vendor for our program.