ADA – Americans with Disabilities Act
ADD – Attention Deficit Disorder
ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
APE – Adaptive Physical Education
AT – Assistive Technology
AYP – Adequate Yearly Progress
BIP – Behavior Intervention Plan
DD – Developmental Delay
ECD – Early Childhood Education
ECSE – Early Childhood Special Education
ED – Emotional Disturbance
EI – Early Intervention
ELL – English Language Learner
ESL – English as a Second Language
ESY – Extended School Year
FAPE – Free Appropriate Public Education
FBA – Functional Behavioral Assessment
FERPA – Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
IA – Instructional Assistant
ID – Intellectually Disabled
IDEA – Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
IFSP – Individualized Family Service Plan
IEP – Individualized Education Plan/Program
LEP – Limited English Proficient
LRE – Least Restrictive Environment
MTI – Multi-Tiered Instruction
NCLB – No Child Left Behind
OHI – Other Health Impaired
OI – Orthopedic Impairment
OT – Occupational Therapy
PBIS – Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports
Physical Therapy
PLEP – Present Level of Educational Performance
RI – Response to Intervention
SLD – Specific Learning Disability (formally just LD)
SLP – Speech Language Pathologist
TBI – Traumatic Brain Injury
VR – Vocational Rehabilitation