Early learning is foundational for most children. Beginning before birth and continuing through kindergarten, children are learning critical language, cognitive, social, and motor skills that will enable them to be successful in school and life. Early learning opportunities teach children how to deal with emotions, how to be peers who listen to each other, how to pay attention, and how to be a good friend to their classmates.

Sherwood School District is excited to launch two Pre-Kindergarten programs for children with special abilities as well as typically developing peers! These inclusive programs will be offered at Ridges and Hawks View for the 2021-22 school year.

 Ridges mascot logo, howling timberwolf
Ridges Pre-Kindergarten
Hawks View mascot - hawk
Hawks View Pre-Kindergarten

Sherwood School District also partners with a variety of local programs. The programs below will offer some preschool spots at little or no cost for families who qualify. See links below.

Ages and Stages Logo Although individual children develop at their own pace, most children progress through an identifiable sequence of physical, cognitive, and emotional growth and change. If you are concerned about your child’s language, social, or physical development, visit ASQ Oregon for a no-cost screening tool which can help determine if further evaluation is needed.

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For additional Sherwood area preschool/daycare information, parenting resources, or other needs please contact Sherwood School District’s Family Resource Coordinator at 503.825.5486 or visit the Sherwood Family Resource Center (SHARE).