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This is a central resource that includes current adoptions of instructionals materials like:

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Instructional Materials Adoptions

The Teaching and Learning department partners with staff across disciplines and grade levels to review and update instructional materials and practices according to Board policy and Oregon State Statute and Administrative Regulations.

Please note: this webpage is regularly updated with information about the 23-24 Instructional Materials Adoptions.

Recommendation for Adoption

K-12 Mathematics

The Math adoption will be complete during the 23-24 school year. The elementary Math Leadership team is piloting Bridges 3.

You can request a digital preview of the curriculum at the bottom. Physical copies are available for review.

K-12 English Language Arts

The English Language Arts adoption will complete the English Language Arts instructional materials adoption during the 23-24 school year.


At the elementary level, the team is recommending Bridge to Reading (K-2) published by Heggerty. These materials are rooted in the science of reading research and provide an evidence-based approach to teaching young learners how to read. The elementary Literacy Team is recommending HMH Into Reading.

Middle School

In addition to the Units of Study, the team is recommending NoRedInk. The 7th grade team is recommending the addition of the texts linked here.

High School

The High School language arts team recommends additional resources in key courses like 9th-grade Literature and Composition and Contemporary Literature. The entire list is linked here. The team is also recommending NoRedInk to support grammar, vocabulary, and word work this school year. 

9th Grade Novel Study

Contemporary Lit Book Clubs

American Literature


Dual Language Immersion/English Language Development

¡Arriba la Lectura! K–6 combines research-driven instruction and the guidance of Spanish-literacy experts to provide comprehensive support for teachers and a measured path to growth in reading, writing, and communication for students.

Get Ready! for middle and high school is a comprehensive program for newcomer and beginning-level proficiency students. Published in two volumes (for grades 6–8 and 9–12), the curriculum is built on specialized knowledge necessary for working with culturally and linguistically diverse learners, the assets they bring into the classroom, and the academic challenges they face.

Board Presentation Recommendation

We want to hear your thoughts on the materials. Please provide feedback on the following recommendations by filling out this short survey.

Science 6-12

Twig Science Next Gen for grades 6-8

The team is recommending Twig Science for middle school instruction. Twig Science provides the opportunity to explore the wonders of phenomena through multimodal investigation experiences that emulate real-world scientific, engineering, and related trade careers.

Twig Science Next Gen gives every teacher and student access to the best available knowledge, science practices, and cognitive tools to help them make sense of real-world phenomena and solve demanding engineering challenges.

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Physical Science


The high school science department is recommending OpenSciEd for Phyical Science. OpenScieEd empowers educators to go beyond traditional science teaching methods by bringing together leading science researchers and educators to craft curriculum that is aligned to how students learn best.

Life Science

Lab-Aids: Science and Global Issues
The high school science department is recommending Lab-Aids. Lab-Aids is different from a traditional textbook, Science and Global Issues: Biology was developed through field testing and years of educational research by SEPUP at the Lawrence Hall of Science. Rather than present the content mainly through reading or direct instruction, the program invites students to explore real-world issues and to take an active role in analyzing and designing possible solutions.

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