Talented and Gifted Services

Services for students identified as Intellectually Gifted and/or Academically Talented are provided within the general education classroom, by the classroom teacher, and are based on the individual student’s demonstrated need for an adjusted rate and/or level of learning to address their strengths and needs.

Student access to any accelerated or advanced pathway offered within an individual building, level, or the district is open and available to any student who meets the established criterion of the specific acceleration or advanced pathway, regardless of a formal TAG identification.

Teachers and counselors provide SEL lessons at all levels K-12. The SEL lessons are aligned to the CASEL standards and occur daily at the elementary level during Community Circle and one to two times a week at the secondary level during Flight (6th-8th grades) or Homeroom (9th-12th grades).

Sherwood High School offers seven unique career pathways for students who show interest in exploring the respective career fields. These pathways are designed to give students a brief picture of the many options that are available to them within these careers; courses and lessons are aligned to state standards.