The Sherwood School District’s Board of Directors established and appointed an independent 2016 Capital Improvement Program Bond Oversight Committee in May 2017, to actively monitor and regularly report to the Board of Directors on the progress of the bond program.   The Bond Oversight Committee’s responsibilities include the following:

  •  Monitor the expenditures of the District
  •  Monitor project schedules
  •  Monitor completion of the projects funded by the bond funds

Purpose and Activities of the Committee

The purpose of the Bond Oversight Committee is to monitor and report on the expenditures of the 2016 bond proceeds and to inform the public through the Sherwood School District Board of Directors on those expenditures and bond proceeds. This committee is considered to be advisory to the Sherwood School District Board of Directors.

Composition of the Committee

The committee is comprised of seven (7) volunteer members to serve four-year terms, or until the completion of construction projects outlined in the bond summary.   

Committee members agreed to:

  • Actively review and report on the proper expenditure of taxpayers’ money for school construction
  • Publish meeting minutes on the 2016 Capital Bond website
  • Advise the public, through regular reports to the Sherwood School District Board of Directors, as to whether the school district is complying with the ballot measure language
  • Report quarterly to the Board of Directors

Bond Oversight Committee Meetings

The Bond Oversight Committee meets quarterly.  The committee also reports quarterly to the Board of Directors at the regularly scheduled, monthly Board meetings and/or work sessions.   

Agendas will include:

  • Project schedules and timeline updates
  • Project expenditure updates
  • Public input related to schedule or expenditures

Community Reports

Meet the Bond Oversight Committee Members

  • Taylor Giles (Committee Chair)
  • Erik Timmons
  • Kim Marshall
  • John Hiser
  • Eric Ross
  • James Grothe
  • Chad Taylor