In November 2016, Sherwood voters approved passage of a bond measure to support Sherwood Schools in addressing capacity challenges district-wide, among other projects.  A large part of the bond is the construction of a new high school on a new site.  

It is important to the District that the voices of our stakeholders be part of the design process for the new high school, scheduled to be open for students in Fall 2020.

Design Committee Updates

01/31/18 SHS Design Committee, #11

The Sherwood High School Design Committee met on January 31, 2018 to review updates and provide input on the design of the new high school.  Committee members were given the opportunity to see multiple interior and exterior photo boards, as well as view a virtual tour of the building.  BRIC Architecture, Inc continues to incorporate feedback from District stakeholders into the design.  

06/07/17 SHS Design Committee, #10 

The final schematic design phase meeting of the New SHS Design Committee was held on June 7.  The committee reviewed the current design and the elements of the site and building that will be additive bid alternates.  In the future, this group will be reconvened as needed to gather additional input.

05/24/17 UGB Hearing

District representatives presented at the Metro Urban Growth Boundary Expansion Hearings Officer Public Hearing on the evening of May 24. A continuation was identified for June 13.

05/23/17 Planning Commission Work Session

On May 23, SSD representatives presented to the City of Sherwood Planning Commission a refinement of the concept plan of the new high school in a work session.  The session was held in City Hall.  During the session, attendees were organized into smaller working groups to review the plan.  

05/19/17 SHS Design Committee, Meeting 9

The Design Committee members met on May 15, to continue discussions related to the schematic design of the new high school.  

04/28/17 CM/GC Selection

The RFP process resulted in Skanska USA being selected CM/GC for the construction of the new high school.

04/26/17 SHS Design Committee, Meeting 8

The Design Committee convened again to review the revisions to the site layout that DOWA had prepared based on feedback from the group. Discussions centered on vehicular movement on and around the site.

04/13/17 Ridgeview High School Tour

Representatives of the Design Committee, including District staff, administrators, and a community member, visited Redmond, Oregon, to enjoy a walk-through tour of Ridgeview High School.  The same architects, Dull Olson Weekes-IBI Group Architects (DOWA), that designed Ridgeview High School, are designing Sherwood’s new school.  The purpose of the tour was to get a firsthand look at some of the design possibilities for the new Sherwood High School.  DOWA architect David Johnson, provided the members with a guided tour.  

04/05/17 SHS Design Committee, Meeting 7

The next phase in the design process is the Schematic Design Phase.  Members of the Design Committee had the opportunity to view for the first time, the conceptual site plan and 3D rendering of the preliminary design of the new high school.  Program and academic elements were viewed as part of the early design, to show scale and location. 

03/15/17 SHS Design Committee, Meeting 6

The SHS Design Committee met on Wednesday evening for the last scheduled meeting as part of the design phase of the project.  DOWA representatives, Karina and David, presented the Concept Master Plan to the committee, which illustrated specific possibilities for the construction design based on feedback received from the group and during the community input session over the past several weeks.  It was very exciting to view the first site plans customized for the new Sherwood High School.  The first six meetings of the SHS Design Committee were merely the launching point for this group; four new meeting dates have been identified to continue their work into the schematic design phase. 

  • 03/06/17 SHS Design Committee, Meeting 5

Members of the SHS Design Committee gathered again on Monday evening.  Once again, lead by the architect team of DOWA, in groups, the committee was presented with a “virtual tour” presentation of other area high schools that offer features that can be considered for the design of the new high school.  Considerations are: abundance of natural light, ample hallways and common areas, areas for collaborative work, displays for student work and art, etc.  The committee participated in a group activity to review photo images of school features and make notes as to those they favored and those they disliked.  These “inspiration cards” will be referenced as the architects complete proposed designs for the new school.  

02/28/17 SHS Design Committee, Meeting 4

On February 28, the SHS Design Committee members met to continue their work in contributing feedback on the desired features for a future high school in Sherwood.  After reviewing previous work with the committee, architects Karina Ruiz and David Johnson of DOWA presented some ideas to consider when positioning areas of the school beside others.  Called “adjacencies,” areas that are synergistic and support one another, such as choir and band, or CTE and access to service roadways, were proposed.  An aerial view of four potential site plans for the school were presented and the committee closely reviewed the plans and provided comments and feedback.

02/15/17 SHS Design Committee, Meeting 3

The SHS Design Committee held its third meeting this week.  Facilitated by architects from DOWA, members engage in activities and discussions focused on how best to design the future high school to support the needs of Sherwood students.  Guiding principles have been developed and the committee worked in groups to create a vision of what the different physical areas of the new high school could look like, while considering adjacent areas that are synergistic.

02/06/17 SHS Design Committee, Meeting 2

The committee held its second meeting on February 6.  Membership includes high school and District-level administrators, Board members, students, classified and licensed staff, community members, and parents.  The DOWA team does a wonderful job of facilitating and setting the stage for future meetings.  During this gathering, the team was asked to consider the priorities for the new high school through an activity that challenged members to think broadly about the importance of learning versus instruction, classroom versus studio, and wondering versus curiosity.  You can find photos from the committee meetings on Superintendent Heather Cordie’s Twitter, @SuptCordie!

01/31/17 SHS Design Committee Kick-Off

January 31 was the first meeting of the newly formed SHS Design Committee.  The team members were welcomed by Superintendent Heather Cordie, and introduced to the facilitators, Karina Ruiz and David Johnson, of DOWA.  Members introduced themselves to the group, engaged in an icebreaker exercise, and received an overview of what the committee’s objectives are and what they can expect moving forward as a participant of the SHS Design Committee.

Selection Process

In January, we solicited the applications of parents interested in participating in the New SHS Design Committee.  Four would be selected: 1 from the elementary level; 1 from the middle level; and 2 from the high school level.  Other stakeholders are be part of the Design Committee as well, including representatives from the Board of Directors, students, teachers, administrators, and community.  

We received 54 applications from parents during the application period.  They were carefully screened by members of the Board of the Directors, to identify those who would be invited to interview before a panel.  13 applicants were chosen to interview in person on January 23.  From those, the parent membership was selected for the committee.

Purpose of the New SHS Design Committee

The objective of the committee is to advise the architects and Design Team regarding the desired elements of a new high school for Sherwood students, from academics to fine/performing arts, CTE/STEM to athletics, and beyond.

The advice received from the committee will be provided to the Design Team, who will make a recommendation to the School Board. 

Meeting Schedule

Approximately 10-12 committee meetings will be held with the SHS Design Committee, beginning in January, and likely being scheduled into June 2017.  The meetings are lead and facilitated by the architects of the high school, Dull Olson Weekes-IBI Group Architects, Inc. (DOWA).