Program Description

Is ORVED like the Sherwood Cloud Campus offered last year?  

ORVED is different from the Cloud Campus offered last year 

  • ORVED is different from Comprehensive Distance Learning CDL (2020-2021)
  • At ORVED, students work at their own pace through the curriculum, as this is a student/parent driven and directed program 
  • They have opportunities throughout the week to contact their ORVED teachers but their schedule does not mirror an in-person school day, as students are able to access their ORVED coursework 24/7, regardless of the SSD school calendar

More details about the differences between ORVED and the Cloud Campus can be found in the table below.

Offered 2021-22 School Year
Sherwood Cloud Campus
Offered 2020-21 School Year
(Not offered for the coming school year)
  • Self-paced, computer-based instruction (videos, text, etc.)
  • Curriculum through Florida Virtual School (accredited, accepted by NCAA, and aligned to Oregon standards)
  • Very limited opportunities for peer interaction at elementary; no opportunities for peer interaction at the secondary level
  • Flexible schedule. Students work at their own pace, on their own schedule
  • Teachers available for support and help through office hours
  • Students need to check in with teacher 2X each week to be considered present for school
  • Daily, live instruction by a Sherwood teacher
  • Sherwood curriculum
  • Regular peer interaction
  • Fixed schedule – specific times when students needed to attend
  • Daily attendance required

Why not offer the Sherwood Cloud Campus again this year?

While the Sherwood Cloud Campus served students well last year, there are a couple of significant barriers to offering the program this school year:

  • Comprehensive Curriculum Offerings – With relatively few students at the secondary level seeking an online option, offering a comprehensive educational program is simply not possible. 
  • Changes in Guidelines for Distance Learning – Requirements for minimum instructional hours reverted to pre-pandemic levels, requiring significant changes in the length of day for the online learning, particularly at the elementary level.
  • Simulcast/Hybrid Model – When teachers at the high school were teaching students at home and in-person simultaneously, the instructional model proved challenging for both students at home and students in-person. While the simulcast model allowed all students to take a comprehensive set of courses, teachers are able to provide higher quality instruction when teaching only students in-person.
  • Cost – Given the relatively small scale of the Sherwood School District, it is simply not financially feasible to offer this option.

Will students only be offered an online option for their education?

No, our district plans to offer in-person instruction, every day, full-time for any students who wish to attend in-person. 

Is there a fee for students being enrolled in ORVED?

No, the cost of ORVED is covered by the Sherwood School District

If case rates worsen, will our family have the option to move to ORVED at a later time?

For grades K-8, yes — it is our intention to allow students in these grades to move to an online option later in the year if families make that decision.

For grades 9-12 — Due to the way in which credit is earned in high school courses, students who begin in-person at Sherwood High School cannot switch to ORVED mid-trimester.  Instead, the deadline to enroll for trimester one ORVED classes must align with the schedule change deadline for all SHS students, which is Wednesday, September 15th.

Is ORVED the only option for online schooling?

ORVED is the only online option for students/families who want to remain enrolled in the Sherwood School District. There are numerous online charter school alternatives that students are able to attend, but they are not connected to the Sherwood School District.

What are the timelines for completing courses in ORVED?

At the secondary level, it is important that students complete courses in their entirety before returning to in-person instruction (see next question).  

It should be noted that ORVED classes are designed for a semester model:

  • 2 semesters each year
  • 18 weeks per semester
  • Student would typically take about 7 courses each semester 
  • Students would typically take about about 14 courses each year 
  • Each course is worth .5 credits and students can earn up to 7.0 credits each year

Sherwood High School operates on a trimester schedule: 

  • 3 trimesters per year 
  • 12 weeks per trimester 
  • Students take 5 courses each term
  • Students take 15 course each year 
  • Each course is worth .5 credits and students can earn up to 7.5 credits each year

Several high schools in our region are on trimester schedules, yet use ORVED courses. The main difference between a typical trimester schedule and the ORVED semester schedule is the relationship between the student’s course load and the length of the term:

  • In a trimester model, students would likely take five courses, with 12 weeks to complete them.
  • In a semester model, students would likely take seven courses, but have 18 weeks to complete them.

Regardless of the model, all courses earn the student 0.5 credits per course upon completion of the course. Sherwood High School students enrolled in ORVED would be required to take a minimum of five courses, and would need to complete those courses before transitioning back to in-person at the start of a new trimester (see next question).

If our family chooses to enroll in Oregon Virtual Education (ORVED), will they be able to return to in-person instruction?

At the high school level, students will need to commit to ORVED for at least one trimester, and will be able to return to in-person instruction at the start of a new trimester.  For students to continue in a course sequence (e.g complete Algebra 1A online and wish to continue in Algebra 1B), students will need to complete the online course they have started (e.g. they will need to complete Algebra 1A before being enrolled in Algebra 1B). Please note that a course such as Algebra 1A through ORVED will not necessarily mirror the Algebra 1A course taught at Sherwood High School. 

At the middle level, students will also need to commit to ORVED for at least one trimester and will be able to return to in-person instruction at the start of a new trimester.  While not essential for earning credits, students should still complete coursework before returning to in-person instruction in order to facilitate continuity of learning (and to earn a final grade in the course).

At the elementary level, students will be able to return to in-person instruction at predetermined dates that align with natural breaks in the school year, such as the end of a grading period or Winter Break.  Availability of COVID-19 vaccines for students ages 5-11 will be considered when determining those timeframes.

What curriculum does ORVED use?

ORVED uses curriculum from the Florida Virtual Schools. It is aligned with the Common Core and Oregon Standards and is fully accredited. This is the same curriculum used by many surrounding districts for their online programs including Beaverton, Tigard-Tualatin, and Hillsboro. The learning management system ORVED utilizes for K-12 is BUZZ. The ORVED student management system in Geniusis, in which parents also have a separate parent account to monitor student pacing and time spent on courses, since ORVED is a self-paced, student/parent driven program.

Will courses taken through ORVED be accepted and transcripted by the Sherwood School District?


Will my student still graduate with a Sherwood High School diploma if they take courses through ORVED?


Is there a minimum amount of courses that SHS students would need to take?

Students would be required to take the same amount of classes as they take in-person at Sherwood High School, 5 classes per trimester. If you have further questions about this, email

How much time will students spend on a computer each day?

At the high school level, students will be enrolled in a total of 5 classes per trimester. This equates to approximately 4-8 hours per class/per week spent  online. Times will vary based on individual student pace; however, goal dates will appear in the courses and the two required weekly check-ins will occur with ORVED district staff, to assist with managing student time.

At the middle level, it is strongly recommended to take 4 core classes. Students can expect to spend 4-8 hours per class/per week online.  Times will vary based on individual student pace; however, goal dates will appear in the courses and the two required weekly check-ins will occur with ORVED district staff, to assist with managing student time. 

At the elementary level, students spend approximately 3-4 hours per day on the computer and at other times are working independently or doing activities on pencil and paper.

What instructional materials are required?

Although most high school courses operate using material that is entirely online, several do require additional instructional materials. These could be e-texts or accounts supplied by ORVED.  These materials will be provided at no cost to students.

In middle school, all of the materials are available online.

The District will provide Elementary students with supplementary materials as required by the program.

All instructional materials will be supplied to families; school supplies (pencils, paper, crayons, etc.) are generally provided by the family, but the District is able to provide those as well for families who need them.

Are classes graded or pass/fail?

Classes are letter graded courses (A through F) with 0.5 credit given for each successfully completed course for high school.  Classes are graded with an A through F at middle school as well.  Information about elementary grading will be provided by teachers once students are enrolled.

Can we do a mix of ORVED and in-person?

No, Sherwood School District is offering this program as an alternative for families who do not feel safe attending in-person or who do not wish to wear a mask.

Will my student be provided in-person support in our home?

No, Sherwood School District is offering this program as an alternative for families who do not feel safe attending in-person or who do not wish to wear a mask, therefore this is a fully online program with no in person instructional support in the home. 

Can students enrolled in ORVED still do extracurricular activities and/or sports?

Yes, students may still participate in extracurricular activities, including athletics and activities at their neighborhood school.  All health and safety protocols must be followed, including mandatory wearing of masks as stated by the Governor’s Order and OSAA regulations, and any other guidelines required of in-person students.

Is ORVED offering an option for Sherwood Charter School students?

No, if you have a student attending Sherwood Charter School, please contact them directly for their 21-22 program information.

Will my primary age student be able to access ORVED independently?

The majority of primary students will require adult assistance while navigating the online curriculum.  


My student has a device from the district. Will it work for ORVED courses?

Yes. ORVED courses are accessible via all district-issued devices.

We have a device at home we would prefer to use. Can my student use that to access ORVED?

It may work. SSD staff is unable to support personal devices. Technical requirements for accessing ORVED can be found here. If you find that your personal device does not work, please contact to arrange for an SSD device.

My student does not have a district device and needs one. How can we get one?

For students registered for ORVED, our Technology team will schedule dates and times where ORVED students can pick up devices from the district Technology Hub.  Please email to inform us you need a device.  All students attending in-person will receive devices from their school.

We do not have suitable internet access to use the internet for school. What should we do?

ORVED families who are unable to obtain sufficient internet access should email to check out a hotspot contact our Technology Department at 503-825-5050.

If I’m having trouble with my SSD-issued iPad or Chromebook, how can I get help?

Contact the SSD Technology Department at or by phone at 503-825-5050.

Student Services

Will my student still receive special education/504/English Language Development services if they attend online?

Yes, eligible students will continue to receive special education services, Section 504 accommodations, and English Language Development services in the online setting.  If needed, your student’s case manager will be in contact regarding specific details related to service provision in the online setting.

Does the online program change my student’s placement?

No, for the majority of students with disabilities the online setting is not a change of special education placement.

What if my student with a disability is not able to make progress online, but we are enrolled in the online program?

If a student is not able to make satisfactory progress in the online setting, an IEP or 504 team will convene a meeting to discuss the student’s support needs.

Will my student have the same case manager?

Depending upon enrollment, students may or may not have the same case manager.

Secondary Specific Topics

Can students attend in a hybrid model where they take some classes at the middle or high school, and some online? 

No, we are not able to offer that at this time.

How will students decide what classes they will take at secondary schools?

The ORVED Coordinator will work with school counselors to align students’ courses in ORVED with the courses in which they are currently enrolled.  If you have specific questions or needs related to course selection, please contact the ORVED Coordinator at who will work with counselors to choose courses that align with the student’s current course needs.

Can I take a course in ORVED that isn’t offered at Sherwood High School?

Students may take elective courses not offered at Sherwood High School, but core classes must align with courses offered at our high school to ensure progress towards graduation.

Can students take AP or Dual Credit Classes through ORVED?

ORVED offers a limited number of AP courses. For students who wish to participate in AP or Dual Credit courses it is best that they remain attending in-person instruction at Sherwood High School where these programs are offered, rather than ORVED. For further consideration, please contact the ORVED District Coordinator at

How will my SHS student continue progress on the Career Credit required for graduation?

Your student will be provided with a means to continue their progress with the Career Credit. More information will be provided to students once they have enrolled in ORVED.

How do I enroll my child(ren) in Oregon Virtual Education (ORVED)?

To enroll in ORVED, please complete the registration form found here.