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News from your Safety Committee


Do you know what it means to “daisy chain” a power strip or
surge protector?

When the safety committee conducts safety inspections in each
building, we look for any daisy chained power strips. Daisy chaining is a term
that refers to power strips and/or extension cords being plugged into other
power strips and/or extension cords.

Daisy chaining usually occurs when there are not enough
established outlets to meet electrical needs.

The Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration (OSHA)
requires that all power strips and extension cords be plugged directly into a
wall outlet that is permanently installed.

Take a look around your work space. If you see any daisy
chaining, please contact the maintenance department, or your local safety
committee member. We will take a look at your work space and help you come up
with a more safe electrical solution.