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Nutrition Services – New Locations Starting May 4


Starting May 4, Nutrition Services will be expanding our food distribution services for students.  

  • In addition to our existing hubs at Hopkins and Edy Ridge, we will be adding hubs at our Archer Glen and Middleton locations.

  • All elementary school hubs will operate daily 9:00-11:00am starting May 4.

  • In addition to our school hubs, we will begin providing additional rural distribution stops:

    • Rural Hub 1: 17855 Leander Dr. – 8:30-8:45am

    • Rural Hub 2: The Purple Hen 20345 Scholls-Sherwood Rd. – 9:00-9:15am 

    • Rural Hub 3: 14560 SW Forest Glen Ln – 8:45-9:00am

    • Rural Hub 4: Tonquin Lp at Old Tonquin Lp (just south of Tonquin Pl) – 9:30-9:45am

    • Please maintain social distancing guidelines of 6ft while waiting at our rural distribution stops, or wait in your vehicle until the van arrives. 

Thank you to The Purple Hen for allowing us to use their location as a distribution stop!