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Update on Facilities Use Fees


Over the last several days, we have received questions from local youth sports organizers and community members about the use of school district facilities, specifically related to the fees for facilities use charged to local youth sports organizations and the possibility of fee increases. 

In the past, the District’s facilities were maintained and rented out by the City of Sherwood. Last summer the District brought that work back “in-house” to allow for more direct internal management of our facilities. In the transition, the District planned to continue utilizing the City’s participant-based fee structure for gyms and grass fields to ensure local youth sports could budget properly.  This fee structure applies to both the current year, as well as the 2021-22 school year. For local non-profit youth sports organizations, a per-participant fee of $15 will be assessed in lieu of the per-hour charge for gyms and grass fields indicated in the 2020-21 fee schedule (we have revised the fee schedule document to reflect this). Use of turf fields will be charged at the Category 2 rate. 

Starting in Spring 2022, each year we will re-evaluate our fee structure to determine the fees necessary to adequately cover the costs of maintenance and upkeep of those rental facilities, making adjustments to the following year’s fee schedule prior to the end of the school year.