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Incident this Morning at Middleton Elementary


This morning at 10:09am, Middleton Elementary received a call from the Sherwood Police Department asking the school to go into a “lockout.” A lockout occurs where there is an off-campus incident, and is intended to keep all students and staff safe within the building while also keeping others from entering.  When a lockout is called, staff bring all students indoors, restrict access to the building from any visitors or non-school staff, and continue on with learning as normal. In these situations, there is no on-campus danger to students or staff.  Schools regularly practice safety drills to learn the procedures used in a lockout situation.

The report to the school from SPD was due to a police response at a property adjacent to the school. While there were young students on the playground at the time, staff were able to quickly get the students safely inside. SPD followed up with the school office at 10:14am to give the “all clear” and end the lockout order. School has resumed as per normal schedule for the remainder of the day.