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Submitting Public Comment Online for Board Meeting


Our district has received multiple requests to reinstate the option of online submission of public comment for our Board of Directors meetings. We welcome the opportunity for individuals unable to attend in-person meetings to share their perspectives with our Board members, and as such, we will be providing this option once again for tomorrow’s (August 4) Board meeting. In-person submission of public comment will also be available at this meeting; to sign up for in-person public comment, please arrive prior to the meeting start time and sign up via the sign up sheet on the table just inside the door of our Board Room.  Please note that members of the public may submit their comments in-person OR via online submission, but not both. Written comments submitted by those who have already spoken in person during the meeting will not be read aloud.

To submit public comment online, please use the form found here. Public comment will be read during the meeting by the Board Secretary, up to three minutes per comment (as per time limit indicated on meeting agenda). Please note that identifying information is required for public comment to be read aloud during the meeting, as per Board Policy BDDH, and becomes public record once submitted.

The meeting agenda will be revised shortly to reflect this change.