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Public Announcement: All SSD Schools and Properties are Closed


As part of our ongoing commitment to keep our community, students, and families safe from the threat of COVID-19, and in partnership with the efforts of the City of Sherwood, all Sherwood School District (SSD) schools, playgrounds, tennis courts, and the high school stadium are closed until further notice, effective immediately. These closures are in full support of the Governor’s “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” recommendations.

It has come to our attention that community members and, more specifically, young people are convening on our properties, our athletic fields, and playgrounds. It is critically important for the public to understand that the coronavirus continues to live on surfaces including playground equipment, athletic equipment, public seating areas, and so much more. Until we receive information from our state and national health officials that we are no longer at risk of the spread of COVID-19, all SSD properties will remain closed.  While some of our running tracks remain accessible, it is imperative that all community members follow social distancing guidance — stay six feet away from other individuals and do not gather in groups of more than 10.  

What is also critically important for the community to understand is, although the effects of COVID-19 hits hardest on older and medically compromised individuals, COVID-19 does not discriminate. All ages are at risk of this virus, including young people. Young people can also carry the virus not knowing they are infected. This can lead to the transfer of the disease to other members of the community as well as their loved ones. Young people are contracting the virus and experiencing its full effects — meaning that people of ALL ages should follow social distancing and illness prevention guidelines.

As we continue to alter our lives to practice social distancing yet stay connected, we urge you to stay home as much as possible, and explore digital/virtual resources available to engage with family and friends. 

Additionally, we strongly encourage everyone in our community to continue to follow the prevention guidance of the Oregon Health Authority (English/Spanish).