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Follow-Up Survey and ThoughtExchange


Earlier this week we shared an opportunity with you to provide input through a platform called ThoughtExchange. This was a new tool for our district, and it was our hope that this tool would provide an unique opportunity for community conversation on the topic of recommended health and safety strategies for the 2021-22 school year. However, in using this tool, we didn’t anticipate the significant number of participants who would flag posts/comments for removal, as well as emails sharing concerns about comments. We acknowledge the concerns shared by participants, while recognizing that reviewing or removing submitted posts would undermine the goal of a transparent community dialogue.

Therefore, in order to gather more specific feedback on the topic of health and safety strategies, we are going to close the ThoughtExchange and transition to a follow-up Google Form survey at this time. This new survey includes questions on two key themes that have emerged: masks and physical distancing.  Please note that while a number of the top comments were also in strong support of in-person, full-time learning, that topic is not included on the new survey as the District has already committed that students in all grades will return to schools full-time, in-person, every day.

Thank you to participants who have submitted input; all comments submitted to the ThoughtExchange, as well as the findings of this new survey, will be shared with our Board of Directors in a work session on July 28, 2021. To complete the follow-up survey, please click here