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UPDATED (11:16am) Sherwood PD Threat Notification for SSD


UPDATE (11:16am) –

Our district has received an update from the Sherwood Police Department (SPD) that they have taken an adult into custody related to the threats made towards Middleton Elementary. SPD has advised us that this is still an ongoing investigation, and no additional details are available at this time. 

Middleton Elementary will be released from “secure” status based on this update from SPD. We want to thank our families and staff for their understanding and patience with this morning’s response procedures, as it is always our practice to err on the side of caution for the safety of students and staff. 

Please see below for this morning’s original announcement:

The Sherwood Police Department (SPD) has notified our district that they have received information regarding threats at Middleton Elementary, and the SPD is currently investigating these threats. As a precautionary measure, Middleton Elementary will be in “secure” status throughout the day, or until we have received notice from SPD that the investigation has been completed and it is safe to remove the “secure” status. As a reminder, “secure” means that exterior doors to the school building will be locked, while the school day follows the normal schedule inside the building. 

All other district schools will operate normally, and under the guidance of SPD, who we will continue to be in close collaboration with throughout the day.